August 22, 2008

The Sprinter's "bling" paradox

I was watching the track & field participants in the Olympic sprinting events, and noticed huge, flashy, HEAVY gold anchors hanging around their necks. Mind you, they did streamline the rest of their bodies with Flash Gordon shoes, X-men shades and Spiderman suits.  In an effort to be as light and drag-free as possible, there’s something very amusing – Read More –

August 20, 2008

Football Superstars: the future of online multiplayer sports gaming

It seems yet another virtual world has been spawned. This time in the form of a soccer-centric universe that offers an experience for playing on and off the field. (Second Life meets soccer). Playing the Massively Multi-player Online game (MMOG), you can play in virtual matches online against other people around the world. The key differentiator is that you – Read More –

August 20, 2008

NBC Olympics: Commercials over goals

Watching Brazil against Argentina in the semi-final of the Olympics, I felt like I was in a timewarp back to the late 1980’s. That’s because NBC, in their infinite stupidity, are breaking for TV commercials in the middle of the game. And just as it routinely happened in the late 1980’s (including the 1986 World – Read More –