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Abrams Research recently surveyed 200 social media leaders made up of founders, bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs and members of the Twitterati.  The questions were posed at Social Media Week on February 13, 2009. While the respondents don’t represent the best sample size/type, it’s still an interesting bit of research to discuss.

The Key Findings:

  • Businesses need to rush to Twitter today!
    40% of respondents picked Twitter as the number one social media service for businesses.
  • Facebook and Linkedin seem to offer the most value for individuals
    If folks had to choose a service they’d mostly likely pay for,  32% of respondents chose Facebook. and nearly 30% chose LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn is flying under the radar
    Coming in second for the service respondents would pay for and would recommend to businesses.
  • MySpace is now uncool
    Only 1.5% said they would pay for MySpace and only 2% said they’d recommend it for business. This means it came dead last in both categories, where it used to be the runaway leader.
  • Status is King
    When asked what feature is critical to every day use, most people chose the ability to update their status.

The Questions

1. Which social media service would you be most likely to pay for?
Facebook 32.2%
Linkedin 29.7%
Twitter 21.8%
YouTube 13.4%
MySpace 1.5%
Digg 1.5%

2. What social media service would you advise a business pay for?
Twitter 39.6%
Linkedin 21.3%
YouTube 18.8%
Facebook 15.3%
Digg 3.0%
MySpace 2.0%

3. Which social media service will be the first to die?
ImInLikeWithYou.com 41.1%
Bebo 12.4%
FriendFeed 8.9%
Meetup.com 8.4%
Flixster 6.9%
Digg 5.0%
Last.fm 3.0%
Other 14.4%

4. Which corporation has done the best job of using social media?
(Respondents were asked to choose one; these were the most popular choices, ranked accordingly)
1. Zappos (online shopping site)
2. Obama (campaign and presidency)
3. CNN
4. Comcast (“Comcast Cares”)
5. Jetblue
6. Dell
7. Burger King
8. NPR
9. New York Times
10. Ford

Read the executive summary here >

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Bradley Hebdon

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