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Refocus Imaging, Inc. is an early-stage company headquartered in Mountain View, California. Refocus is taking the next big step in photography, transforming the camera into a powerful computational platform.

A Refocus camera can do things that have been considered impossible since the invention of photography. The ability to focus a picture after you take the shot is one striking example, and only the tip of the iceberg.

The device captures the entire light field entering the lens, which can be compared to a three-dimensional CT scan, enabling doctors to effectively look at the interior of a person from any direction.  This technique has several possible advantages. For one thing, being able to focus images after the fact means that cameras could take a picture sooner without waiting for an auto-focus mechanism to lock in. For another, because the depth of field also is adjustable along with focus, a pro photographer could fine-tune a picture to properly blur a background or get just the right amount of a subject in focus.

Refocus Imaging’s approach has produced revolutionary results. Refocus Imaging is redefining photography. Computational imaging is the future.

Bradley Hebdon

Bradley Hebdon

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Bradley is a User Experience Leader with over 15 years of interactive experience. He is currently employed as Director of UX at Slalom Consulting's Southern California office.
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