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Eye Candy is a revolutionary new gadget that uses Sensory Substitution Technology. When a user places the candy gadget  in their mouth, it transmits vivid emotive images into their mind’s eye. This evokes a specific feeling, depending on the flavor.

How this works
Each of your senses (touch, smell, sight, taste, hearing) sends information to the brain at a different frequency. The brain determines where the sensory information it receives comes from by the frequency at which it resonates, it can then process it in the appropriate way (e.g. turn sight information from the eyes into pictures in the mind).

An array of resonators positioned on the surface of an Eye Candy transmit information from the tongue to the brain at the frequency that the eyes usually send visual information to the brain. A pleasant sensation of soda bubbles can be felt on the tongue as the mind decodes this sensory information as vivid pictures.

What are the available flavors?

  • RELAX –  Tranquil fish swimming through the streams of your consciousness will help you to unwind.
  • SOCIALISE – The shooting stars will encourage sociability.
  • ASSERT – A big thumbs is guaranteed to reassure and motivate you.
  • MEDITATE – The the slowly shrinking circle helps you to meditate.
  • OVERCOME – Images of spiders will enable you to overcome your fears.
  • FOCUS – Direction giving arrows help to improve focus and attention.

Head on over to EyeCandy.com and order yours, just make sure not to mix flavors! Is this a step in the path of replacing chemically induced “highs” with electronically induced “highs”?

Is this legit?
I’ll admit, it’s hard to believe this is legit.  But before you make your mind up, watch the Wired Science video below, which shows a very similar device used by a blind person to read numbers on playing cards as if he was looking right at them, and even follow a path drawn on the ground.

YouTube Preview Image

Update: Well it turns out the Eye Candy product is actually a spoof, but the technology is very real.

Bradley Hebdon

Bradley Hebdon

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