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Wireframing Resources
An excellent collection of wireframing how-to’s, tips, advice and resources. A great read for both Information Architects and anyone who works with IA’s.

Audi Conversations Visualization
Click on the “Conversations” link at the bottom of the page.  Here you’ll experience a social media visualization and aggregation of Audi related YouTube videos, Flickr Photos, Tweets and blog posts. Both pretty and functional, and not visualization for the sake of visualization.

Screen Resolution Template
Whether you agree with the existence of “the fold” or not, Methodologie has put together a very useful template that compares the various screen resolutions and what percentage of web users are able to see these web canvases.

UX for videogame design: Gameplay Research
A very fascinating look behind the scenes of video game research. When you consider that Grand Theft Auto IV took in over $500 million in sales in it’s opening week, and World of Warcraft generates $100 million per month in subscriptions, it’s not surprising that video games are now very serious business requiring very serious research.

INDEX: Award 2009 Winners
The idea is to improve life through design, within the categories of “Body”, “Home”, “Work”, “Play” and “Community”. Check out who won and what they designed.

Stunning Photos of the Wildfires in Southern California
It’s an annual event/disaster here in LA. I still find it hard to believe we don’t have a better handle on how to detect, prevent and extinguish these fires.  There’s a huge opportunity here for someone to come forward with a firefighting innovation.

Write with a Knife
An excellent post that explains how to write in a succinct fashion.

In Revolutionary Color
Russian color photos taken 100 years ago, look as if they were taken yesterday.

The seven sins of usability
A user-friendly website is essential to keep people interested in what you have to say and ultimately keeps them coming back. Neil Walker, Chief Technical Officer at Just Search, looks at what usability nightmares marketers should avoid when designing a website to enhance their brand.

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Bradley Hebdon

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Bradley is a User Experience Leader with over 15 years of interactive experience. He is currently employed as Director of UX at Slalom Consulting's Southern California office.
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