November 16, 2010

RIP, Palm Pre

In a fitting turn of events, my Palm Pre decided to “bite the bullet”. Why fitting? Because while Palm’s spirit might continue to exist on an HP tablet, its brand and hardware find themselves 6 feet under. Yes, Palm for most part is dead and so is my love-hate relationship with my Pre. But the real travesty here, is the wasted potential of what the Pre brought to the mobile market. Arguably a better designed operating system than Apple’s IOS, it thrilled users and developers alike with it’s HTML-based webOS and delightful user interface. – Read More –

March 1, 2010

Palm Pre Video Capture Test

Great news for Palm Pre and Pixi owners on Sprint! With the latest free WebOS update, you can now use the device’s camera to capture video. While the quality is acceptable for that of a mobile device, what’s really handy is the simplicity of sharing  your video content in the cloud. A simple tap and  Bob’s your uncle; you’re sending your videos off to YouTube and/or Facebook. And if you’re not quite  happy with the video you’ve shot, you can clip it on the device, before calling it final. – Read More –

January 6, 2010

The Reservoir of Patience

The longer I’ve been a UX professional, the more aware I’ve become of usability issues and poor experiences around me. And consequently, the more annoyed I have become. Then again, it might also be a product of living in Los Angeles and fighting freeway congestion everyday.  Add to the mix, a crying newborn – and you can imagine why my fuse is pretty short, both online and offline. – Read More –