It looks like the iPhone 5 will be available in October this year, but what’s probably just as noteworthy is that it will be carried by Sprint.  As a Sprint customer myself, the significance of this is obvious, but what does this mean for Sprint? And what are the implications for Verizon and AT&T and their customer base?

It seems investors are already feeling more confident in Sprint, with stocks up 10% following the news. And it’s not just the investors; many customers are ecstatic about the prospect of upgrading to the best-selling smartphone in the US.  For years Sprint customers have had to make do with inferior devices, and it’s only in the last few that devices such as the Palm Pre and HTC Evo have rewarded a mixture of loyalty and frugality. When it comes to plans, Sprint has always been one of the least expensive options out there, and this has probably been one of the main reasons why customers maintained their relationship with the carrier. – Read More –