August 2013

August 27, 2013

Why a dazzling User Interface can cause failure

I have discovered that I may have lost work to more dazzling portfolios. This concerns me, but not at the potential loss of work. It concerns me because the people hiring UX designers are often looking for “rock-star” portfolios. I won’t even get into the fact that “rock-star” implies to me: ego that exceeds talent, focus on the irrelevant or unimportant  areas of strength, and the idea that being great at one thing presumes that talent automatically spills into another area (particularly one that seems unrelated or tangential at best.) The focus has become more about visual, marketing and sales impact at the cost of a good user experience. – Read More –

August 19, 2013

Including the philosophy of UX design

Here is an issue that pokes at me on a daily basis. It is the philosophical aspects that describe, in a colloquial way, the reason that specific UX decisions are made. While we get our data from observation, testing and heuristic analysis, and add to that aesthetic elements that are hopefully appropriate to the user and not too biased towards the designer, we often are not given the proper opportunity to explain the philosophy behind those decisions. So, how do I go about including the philosophy of UX in my UX presentations, designs and strategies? – Read More –

August 3, 2013

UX Guest Bloggers Wanted!

We’re looking for passionate, experienced and opinionated UX folks to guest blog for UXbyDesign. Your posts could be around: UX best practices, methodology and process, emerging technology and trends, product reviews, tools of the trade, or anything you are passionate about and is directly related to UX. In fact, we want you to bring your  ideas and voice to the table. They could take the form of articles, video, photos, presentations, cartoons, info-graphics, etc. Whichever serves as the ideal platform for your story. – Read More –