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September 19, 2013

Generate Conference 2013 brings refreshing changes

Its been a while since I went to a main stream event. The usual group of highly paid advertising creatives touting their latest campaign microsites and integrated digital experiences doesn’t really do it for me. But my interest was sparked with the inaugural Generate Conference in London for 2013 – a conference for web designers. – Read More –

September 19, 2013

The Mini-Cart: the First Step to Online Conversion

As online shoppers, we’re all guilty of the behavior that retailers dread: as we shop, we add items to our cart, and then remove anything we decide is unnecessary or less desirable at the last second before checkout (or worse, we’re comparison shopping in another browser tab, and abandon our session to complete our transaction elsewhere). Usually, this last-second down-sizing of our purchase is to keep our checkout total price within an amount we deemed acceptable prior to beginning our shopping session. The mini-cart has become the best practice in shopping to allow the user to keep track of what they’re buying, and how much they’re spending. – Read More –