August 19, 2013

Including the philosophy of UX design

Here is an issue that pokes at me on a daily basis. It is the philosophical aspects that describe, in a colloquial way, the reason that specific UX decisions are made. While we get our data from observation, testing and heuristic analysis, and add to that aesthetic elements that are hopefully appropriate to the user and not too biased towards the designer, we often are not given the proper opportunity to explain the philosophy behind those decisions. So, how do I go about including the philosophy of UX in my UX presentations, designs and strategies? – Read More –

August 3, 2013

UX Guest Bloggers Wanted!

We’re looking for passionate, experienced and opinionated UX folks to guest blog for UXbyDesign. Your posts could be around: UX best practices, methodology and process, emerging technology and trends, product reviews, tools of the trade, or anything you are passionate about and is directly related to UX. In fact, we want you to bring your  ideas and voice to the table. They could take the form of articles, video, photos, presentations, cartoons, info-graphics, etc. Whichever serves as the ideal platform for your story. – Read More –

June 21, 2013

What is User Experience (UX) Design?


Defining User Experience (UX) Design is not an easy thing to do. And even when explained in detail,  more often than not, the answers are too complicated to understand. Something I’ve always found ironic when UX experts should deliver intuitive messages and tell compelling stories.

That’s why this video created by the guys over at, is a breath of fresh air. It communicates in an approachable (and Australian) way, what UX Design is, and what UX Designers do.  Great work @Lukcha and @mattymcg.

Recommended Reading

To learn more about User Experience, I suggest you invest in the following excellent books:

March 21, 2012

Gamers Get Girls

Lets face it gamers, your ultimate quest is to find a girlfriend who not only tolerates your passion, but participates too. The folks over at sent me this insightful infographic that sheds light on some interesting findings that contrast online dating with gaming. – Read More –

September 6, 2011

iPhone and Sprint level the playing field

It looks like the iPhone 5 will be available in October this year, but what’s probably just as noteworthy is that it will be carried by Sprint.  As a Sprint customer myself, the significance of this is obvious, but what does this mean for Sprint? And what are the implications for Verizon and AT&T and their customer base?

It seems investors are already feeling more confident in Sprint, with stocks up 10% following the news. And it’s not just the investors; many customers are ecstatic about the prospect of upgrading to the best-selling smartphone in the US.  For years Sprint customers have had to make do with inferior devices, and it’s only in the last few that devices such as the Palm Pre and HTC Evo have rewarded a mixture of loyalty and frugality. When it comes to plans, Sprint has always been one of the least expensive options out there, and this has probably been one of the main reasons why customers maintained their relationship with the carrier. – Read More –

November 16, 2010

RIP, Palm Pre

In a fitting turn of events, my Palm Pre decided to “bite the bullet”. Why fitting? Because while Palm’s spirit might continue to exist on an HP tablet, its brand and hardware find themselves 6 feet under. Yes, Palm for most part is dead and so is my love-hate relationship with my Pre. But the real travesty here, is the wasted potential of what the Pre brought to the mobile market. Arguably a better designed operating system than Apple’s IOS, it thrilled users and developers alike with it’s HTML-based webOS and delightful user interface. – Read More –

March 1, 2010

Palm Pre Video Capture Test

Great news for Palm Pre and Pixi owners on Sprint! With the latest free WebOS update, you can now use the device’s camera to capture video. While the quality is acceptable for that of a mobile device, what’s really handy is the simplicity of sharing  your video content in the cloud. A simple tap and  Bob’s your uncle; you’re sending your videos off to YouTube and/or Facebook. And if you’re not quite  happy with the video you’ve shot, you can clip it on the device, before calling it final. – Read More –

January 6, 2010

The Reservoir of Patience

The longer I’ve been a UX professional, the more aware I’ve become of usability issues and poor experiences around me. And consequently, the more annoyed I have become. Then again, it might also be a product of living in Los Angeles and fighting freeway congestion everyday.  Add to the mix, a crying newborn – and you can imagine why my fuse is pretty short, both online and offline. – Read More –

December 14, 2009

Announcing the birth of our baby girl

We’re delighted to announce the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Natalie Claire Hebdon. She made her entrance into a stormy, rainy world on Monday December 7, at 8:40 am – that’s nearly 3 weeks earlier than her December 25 ETA.  Albeit a tad early, she still weighed in at a healthy 7 lbs, 10 ounces.

Obviously this has impacted my schedule. So for the immediate future, UXbydesign is not going to be as active as I’d like.  However, if you do want to follow the fun and challenges of parents learning on the job, check out our blog,

Thank you for your patience!

September 12, 2009

Best of the Web Weekly Roundup: September 5–11

UX Basis: A UX Process and Toolbox

An incredibly useful resource for both UX folks and clients. We need to remember to educate as well as design. You can use web design services from 7Elements to help you with your site. UX Basis is way of combining the numerous tools available to us and forming a unified process that sits within a digital agency and it’s other important departments – creative, tech and client services. The beauty about the model is it is fully adaptive to any clients needs, can fit with tech’s agile process and incorporates creative and development at key stages in the creation process.
– Read More –

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