June 21, 2013

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

  Defining User Experience (UX) Design is not an easy thing to do. And even when explained in detail,  more often than not, the answers are too complicated to understand. Something I’ve always found ironic when UX experts should deliver intuitive messages and tell compelling stories. That’s why this video created by the guys over at, – Read More –

July 20, 2009

10 Books to becoming an Idea Generating Machine


Good ideas are the foundation for all effective products, experiences and story-telling. And yet coming up with these gems can be one of the toughest parts of the creative process. These ten books will help put you in the right mindset to start generating original and compelling ideas. – Read More –

June 24, 2009

20 User Experience Books you should own

user experience books
These highly recommended user experience books cover everything from user research and interface design, to information architecture and UX strategy. If you’re really serious about your career as a user experience professional, these books should be the cornerstone of your personal library. – Read More –

March 1, 2009

Text-to-Voice Wand: The "Voice Stick"

The ‘Voice Stick’ concept enters to revolutionize the life of the visually impaired and offer a breath of fresh high-tech air to script recognition. Designed by Sung Woo Park, the cutting-edge device is a portable text scanning tool, utilizing the OCR function to identify text and convert this information into voice. This advanced technology allows – Read More –

February 9, 2009

Kindle 2: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device

Amazon will releasee its 2nd version of the Kindle on 2/24/2009, and what’s really interesting is how Amazon is not calling it an “e-book reader”, but rather a “wireless reading device”. It certainly sounds more sophisticated and might compel customers to cough up the $359 being asked. Kindle 2 features: Slim: Just over 1/3 of an inch, – Read More –