June 24, 2009

20 User Experience Books you should own

user experience books
These highly recommended user experience books cover everything from user research and interface design, to information architecture and UX strategy. If you’re really serious about your career as a user experience professional, these books should be the cornerstone of your personal library. – Read More –

June 23, 2009

An interview with Dave Connelly, President of Coresoft: Makers of Super Sniper 2

Super Sniper 2

With the recent release of 3D Super Sniper 2 – the sequel to the smash hit iPhone App, Super Sniper – I sat down with Coresoft’s CEO and President Dave Connelly, to get an insider’s take on the gaming industry.

Eleven years, twenty-five published titles, and eleven iPhone apps later, Coresoft, stands as an accomplished and nimble game development company that specializes in both computer and console video games. They have also achieved remarkable diversity within the gaming landscape, by developing for just about every game machine out there. – Read More –

June 4, 2009

Designing the Palm Pre: An interview with Michelle Koh

Palm PreIt’s the question on everyone’s lips these days. Is the Palm Pre going to make an impact large enough to save both Palm and Sprint? We shall see how this plays out once the anticipated savior descends to earth on June 6, 2009 AD.  But launching alone will not a savior make. Rather, Palm’s destiny lies largely in the hands of the passionate, talented and empowered individuals who have defined and designed the Pre’s user experience.

To better understand the Pre’s design and differentiators, I caught up with user experience colleague Michelle Koh, a member of the human interface team at Palm. She played a large part in designing the user experience for Palm’s new WebOS platform and the core Person Information Management (PIM) applications that Palm is legendary for. Specifically, she designed the global device search, phone, and contact applications, as well as contributing to the overall device navigation and system UI design. – Read More –

May 5, 2009

Protoshare: Collaborative Web-Based Interactive Wireframes and Prototypes

Protoshare is a web-based collaborative prototyping tool that helps teams quickly build, discuss, and refine clickable wireframes. If you’ve ever been involved in the website design or creation process, you know that it can be a pain for developers, spec creators, and internal or external clients to communicate in an efficient manner. Protoshare’s nifty web-based – Read More –

February 5, 2009

Web trends for 2009

Smashing Magazine has put together a comprehensive set of web design trends that cover recent developments, new design elements and new graphic approaches. They also discuss situations in which these trends can be used and present some beautiful examples. Read Part 1 and Part 2. has compiled a more diverse set of trends covering web design, – Read More –

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