September 23, 2013

A UX Design Process without Technology

One of the skills I’ve found to work well in the realm of user experience, is not using technology to help in the UX design process. It seems a little counter-intuitive, as at the heart of our trade is the use of technology. But if we reframe our design thinking without the constraints of our technology-based tools for design, we’ll end up focusing more on the real issues and pain points people have with the technology we end up making. I’ve distilled the essence of these thoughts below. – Read More –

February 3, 2009

Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design – By Bill Buxton

Sketching User ExperiencesWhile this is definitely an excellent book for designers, it is just as much a resource for executives, product managers and software engineers. To help illustrate many of his points, Buxton takes the reader through real-life case studies.

Buxton is a champion for design, not only as a discipline, but also as a process.  In fact, he places huge emphasis on the design process, as he believes it plays a huge role in the success of the product’s adoption in the market place.

As he constantly reinforces how critical design is to the success of any product’s conception and evolution, it was a single page that drove the point home to me. A simple list of roles and positions within a typical company:

Leadership = CEO
Stewardship = COO
Resource Management = CFO
Technology = CTO
Design = ?
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