User Experience

March 3, 2014

UX Design and Agile: Integration User Experience Activities

There has been much discussion lately on how to start integrating user experience activities into the agile way of developing software (you can take a look at this article from UXmatters and LinkedIn discussion). While both development and user experience may have the best interests of users and the business in mind, their approaches to solving problems can vary greatly. From my experience working in agile, I find that there are ideas that can be used from both sides to help get a design specified and implemented (as I have worked in both agile and waterfall development environments). – Read More –

September 10, 2013

Learn jQuery and bring your UX to life

Most of web technologies are full of buzzwords which are not always properly defined.  This also applies to user interaction, user experience (UI/UX) design.  I would think it is clear and common sense, however it is not to many people.  One shocking moment I remember at a hackathon was meeting graphic designers that say they do UI/UX.  When I asked them about that, they didn’t even know the differences between CSS and JavaScript.  You really should know the basics such as HTML and CSS so you can at least communicate your ideas.  To briefly explain: HTML represents the content, CSS represents the styles, and JavaScript the actions/behaviors.  Furthermore if you are all about “interaction”, you need to know JavaScript.  Should you want to transition from web design into development so you can make your graphics interactive, this becomes a challenging task. – Read More –

June 21, 2013

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

  Defining User Experience (UX) Design is not an easy thing to do. And even when explained in detail,  more often than not, the answers are too complicated to understand. Something I’ve always found ironic when UX experts should deliver intuitive messages and tell compelling stories. That’s why this video created by the guys over at, – Read More –