June 21, 2013

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

  Defining User Experience (UX) Design is not an easy thing to do. And even when explained in detail,  more often than not, the answers are too complicated to understand. Something I’ve always found ironic when UX experts should deliver intuitive messages and tell compelling stories. That’s why this video created by the guys over at, – Read More –

March 1, 2010

Palm Pre Video Capture Test

Great news for Palm Pre and Pixi owners on Sprint! With the latest free WebOS update, you can now use the device’s camera to capture video. While the quality is acceptable for that of a mobile device, what’s really handy is the simplicity of sharing  your video content in the cloud. A simple tap and  Bob’s your uncle; you’re sending your videos off to YouTube and/or Facebook. And if you’re not quite  happy with the video you’ve shot, you can clip it on the device, before calling it final. – Read More –

September 9, 2009

17 Engaging Ways to Experience the 2009 NFL Season

The NFL makes its anticipated return with the first game of the 2009 regular season kicking off on Thursday, 9/10/2009. So lets cut to the chase; how are you going to experience this game, and the rest of the 2009 season? Assuming you won’t be physically attending a game, here’s a cheat sheet to help you weigh up your other 17 choices:

– Read More –

August 11, 2009

Touchable Holography, an Emerging Technology

Mid-air displays have been seen in Science Fiction movies for several decades. As an example of this interactive holographic experience, the recreational “Holodeck” in Star Trek, instantly springs to mind.  While holograms already exist as virtual objects hovering in front of the user, you cannot touch and feel this object. However, amazingly the University of – Read More –

July 7, 2009

Create a Store Locator in 5 minutes flat

Thanks to Mapspread, you can now build your own personal Store Locator, and this doesn’t require a developer’s skills!  With this service, you import your data from spreadsheets, maintain it with fun tools, share with coworkers and friends, publish to the world. Create a FREE account now > Highlights Collaborative real-time map editing Import your data from spreadsheets, – Read More –

June 16, 2009

Mass audio instruction: A Social Experiment by Improv Everywhere

Recently, a group called Improv Everywhere performed their Sixth Annual Mp3 Experiment. This one involved over 2,000 people of all ages downloading the same mp3 and pressing play at the same time.  As seen in the video, they responded to a creepy instructional voice (think SAW) and were mindlessly led (think cult) through a series of goofy activities. At least it – Read More –

May 29, 2009

Adidas F50i boots Commercial: "The Spark", starring Messi and Zidane

This is a great example of a brand staying current. With the recent surge of graphic novels being made into motion pictures, this recent Adidas commercial manages to mimic the drama and visual impact of its counterparts.  It’s not often a commercial a) excites the consumer and b) leaves them wanting to see more. Furthermore, the – Read More –

May 5, 2009

A Google Documentary

An excellent documentary that reveals where Google has come from and where they’re headed, as well as their general philosophies and methodologies. We also get to see the faces, personalities, and egos behind the search engine. Whether you agree or disagree with Google’s approach to leveraging information, this is a must watch video.

May 4, 2009

Esquire Magazine blurs the distinction between Photo & Video

Captured on the Red One Digital Camera (that’s a frame resolution of 4096×2304, or 9.4 megapixels), the video-sourced cover image of Megan Fox,  is thought to be a first in the magazine industry, challenging traditional SLR photography and the distinctions of photo vs video. In terms of where this technology is best suited, I would imagine this approach – Read More –

April 28, 2009

'Wearable Agrirobot' Power Suit Helps Aging Farm Workers

The Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology has developed an agriculture robot suit tailored to the 40% of Japan’s farm workers who are over the age of 65. Shigeki Toyama, a professor in robotics who developed the robotic harvesting and pruning suit, sought to make it industry and task-specific in order to generate cost savings – Read More –

April 27, 2009

VisionAire Multi-touch Holograms

Obscura Digital has teamed their special multi-touch software with the Musion Eyeliner Hologram Projection System to produce an amazing interactive tool for presenters to use whereby they can manipulate 3-D holographic images in the air. Aptly called VisionAire, the single or multiple users can shrink, zoom and turn the images by simply moving their hands. – Read More –

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